Once you have familiarized yourself with and upgraded your ride with these, you will be ready to apply more advanced and extensive performance oriented engine modifications. On top of a new manifold, you will need a new carburator. It’s a little more difficult to work with than the 044 (which most shops consider to be the standard of VW performance heads currently), but we feel the end result with the 043 is superior. The importance assigned to the above factors will dictate ALL of your engine building choices. The very first thing you must do is determine exactly what it is you would like to achieve, and realistically assess the budget that you have to work with! A stroked crankshaft allows the engine to make power without higher RPMs. Stroker crankshafts are all the same price from 74mm to 84mm. You will also need an engine case installation kit, which includes all the miscellaneous hardware for assembly. These sets have the same cylinder wall thickness that a stock 1600 cylinder has, so they are VERY reliable. Find the most expensive set you can afford, then get the ones 1-2 steps higher than that! Normally I would recommend that you use the 200mm clutch size, since it has much more grip. You have to decide which aspects of engine building and performance are most important to you, and then quantify and assign them each a priority. The crankshaft turns the camshaft. But if you do this, don’t forget that pushrod lengths are different for stock rockers and ratio rockers, so that is another consideration). All Rights Reserved. However, for applications with more than 50 HP, and up to about 120 HP, you can use the, This will be just a brief summary, and not a full discussion of carburetor selection since I have covered this topic in depth in the article ‘, This may come as a surprise, but basically, the advertised camshaft duration is a meaningless standard of measure. Stock VW #043-198-035. 140 HP will keep even the Mustang GT’s in your rear view mirror on the street, and 180 HP will eat Corvette’s and Vipers for lunch all day. The engine case is what holds everything together, so selection and preparation are critical. The .050″ number is what really tells you how the cam will behave in a certain engine. If you’re going to go to that work or expense, you should opt for the larger piston set! Do not expect a high lift cam to live longer than 40-50K miles on any engine! for 85.5 w/single valve springs, Hi Quality special aluminum alloy for strength and stiffness, 12mm, 3/4" reach plugs moved away from valve seals to eliminate stress cracks, valve seats installed (40mm intake/ 35.5mm exhaust), Exhaust air passage are cleare for proper cooling, rocker, exhaust and intake studs included. Use the stock disc for all applications up to 120 HP. Line boring will most likely result in overheating and low oil pressure problems soon after the engine is built. Proper length ensures that at “half lift” the rocker arm is pushing the valve straight in. The word "Volkswagen" and "VW" are registered trademarks and copyrights of VWoA. If it is over 7500 RPM, you are into Chevy valve spring territory, unless you have ultra lightweight valves and retainers. LOL!). When you upgrade to HD valve springs, you must also upgrade your pushrods and rocker arms. I recommend a 5.7″ or longer rod for strokes longer than 88mm. In general, the more duration a cam has the larger the engine needs to be to run it, AND the higher up the engine’s RPM band will be. “Rod Ratio” is the length of the connecting rod divided by the crankshaft stroke. If “rocker geometry” is off, the valve will be pushed up or down, and this results in valve guide wear. i dont completely agree with the other answer. Real world beats theory every time! Dual Port Cylinder Heads, 35 x 32mm Valves, 500-400 (per PAIR) are a GREAT deal on stock sized valve heads for that engine project you are going to do! That is what the IDAs are like if they aren’t modified! If you get one of these cranks, you also need a SPECIAL set of long cylinders which run about $300 a set of 4, and do NOT include pistons or rings. If your engine revs over 6000 RPM, you MUST have dual valves springs. Some guys will do a bunch of fancy math to try and tell you what spacers to get, but our experience is that the best way to determine what spacers you need is to mock your engine up and then measure! All these pressure plates are 200 mm. 82mm crankshafts require the use of I-beam or H-beam connecting rods. 90.5mm: This is a very common bore size. • Fits without modification in any street car. This means they can only open the valve so far before they have to start closing the valve again. 109 sold. (Two examples that spring to mind (pun intended :0) are: pounded out cases and popped out wrist pin clips). Am I prepared to change my gearing and tire size. These heads have been ported and polished for … Pushrods must be the correct length (remember – pushrod length changes as the engine width changes). The washers come in varying thicknesses (.015, .030, and .060″), and you swap them in and out until you find the combination that gives you about .005″ per rocker side clearance (side play that the rocker has). Another thing to consider when you increase connecting rod length is that the longer the connecting rod, the further out from the crankshaft the piston is, and could potentially stick out the end of the cylinder. This may come as a surprise, but basically, the advertised camshaft duration is a meaningless standard of measure. Even if the crank doesn’t break, the flexing stresses other engine components and can cause their failure. How will I be using the vehicle? ‘. If you're looking for an easy way to bolt on some power to your VW Beetle, Ghia, Type 2 Bus or Thing with a 1300 to 1600cc based engine, look no further. Plan on $150 for this modification, but it’s highly recommended, especially if you have $5K+ worth of parts that can get damaged by dirty oil! You can blend these wide pockets into the port from the exit flange side. This disc uses metal woven pucks on one side (for grip), and organic material on the other (for smooth engagement). Long reach 3/4 Inch Spark Plugs, to reduce the chance of cracking between the Valve seat and Plug. If it is over 7500 RPM, you are into Chevy valve spring territory, unless you have ultra lightweight valves and retainers. A slight drawback, however is that since the fin area is the same, and the engine is now larger, these do run slightly hotter than stock or 90.5 piston sets. Don’t get me wrong though, a dual port head can easily last over 100K miles without cracking, if the engine isn’t abused. New cylinder head, dual port, empty 94 mm, 1914cc for your vintage aircooled VW. Some people get mislead by this situation since the crankshaft didn’t actually fail, and they assume that the crank is fine and attribute the failure to the broken part when in fact, the flexing crankshaft is the cause. Even the stock 1600 dual port is a good candidate for performance tuning. $54.87 shipping. In other words, we simply sell quality VW engine, interior and exterior parts as well as provide professional VW engine performance services for your favorite Volkswagen classic models. The 1300/1500/1600 engine should be the basis for all performance modifications. Well it is, but guess what!? The first consideration is that you MUST have a forged, counterweighted crankshaft. or Best Offer. 1946-1977 Beetle Cylinder Head 94mm Dual Port 42 x 37.5 S/S Valves Complete $476.97. Find Vw Dual Port Heads on sale here with the largest choice of Vw Dual Port Heads anywhere online. (daily driver vs. race vs. weekend warrior vs. sole source of transportation, etc). Type 3 PART # YEAR SIZE DESCRIPTION PRICE CORE HD 311-373/R 62-66 1500 Single Port,Carb 119.00 18.00 HD 113-375/N 1967 1600 NEW Dual Port,Carb 159.00 – HD 311–375/LN 68-73 Get a lightened flywheel, drilled for 8 dowels. Think about it — if the head port only flows a certain amount, the installation of a large valve does not help, since the valve is not the restriction! Aircooled.Net offers the service of cutting and assembling your pushrods, saving you the do-it-yourself grief. This cylinder head is capable of 90-100 HP. Only chromoly or heavy duty aluminum pushrods are strong enough for performance engine applications. The cylinder walls become too thin to maintain their integrity as the engine gets hot, and the piston, cylinder, and piston ring seal breaks down. With the 78mm crank you can get away with using a $140 set of reworked connecting rods (or our 4340 I-beam connecting rod set, which is a real bargain!). Email response times for simple inquiries are often quick (within hours), but if we need to look up info or get product ETAs for you, please allow for 1-2 business days to receive a reply. In the line of performance cylinder heads that we carry, the Series 3 head is a great starting point, and is the bare minimum I would recommend if you want to increase performance. VW DUAL PORT HEAD STUD KIT - 8 MM. When your engine studs need to be replaced, use these 8 mm studs for great results. 77mm, 83mm, 85.5 mm: Stock VW engines (aircooled type 1 1300/1500/1600 cc) came stock with these piston sizes, respectively. The first crank upgrade above the counterweighted 69mm crank is the Stroker crank. Notification will be sent to your e-mail address every time the item price is decreased. The alternative to stock rockers and associated modifications, are ratio rockers. Consult an expert. You’ll also need an oil pump, which is an easy item to choose – if the car is turbo charged, you need a 30mm pump, if not, then you need a 26mm pump. Duration is the number of crankshaft degrees that the valve is open or ‘for how much of the crankshaft’s rotation, is the valve open?’. MUST you have those chrome wheels you saw on another car? The machining for 94s costs slightly more than 90.5s — in addition to “boring”, you must have the case “decked”, so they do cost a little more to build (even though the piston set is about the same price as the 90.5mm). 1955-1957 Chevrolet Front … Higher HP than that and you need the Kennedy Stage II pressure plate. $100) for a very small displacement increase! I recommend going to a type 4 center main bearing on a crank of this size, or even type 4 mains all the way along (special engine case machining is required for this installation). You use the adjustable pushrod to cut your pushrods to the desired length then tap the ends in using a hammer and two old lifters (to keep from screwing up the ends of the pushrods). Valve Springs Once you’ve got all your engine components selected, you will almost always need cylinder spacersand/or head gaskets to set the engine’s deck height. $219.95. We prefer to use the 043 VW casting which is superior to the 040 and 041. Many other heads seem impressive to potential customers because they have big valves. FAST 'N FREE. Buy Vw Dual Port Heads on eBay now! You can purchase racing heads which have HUGE valves and ports, but have diddly for cooling fins, so they may not meet your application needs if you regularly drive your car on the street. Streetcars should use dual 2bbl Webers or Dellortos once they reach the 65-70hp point (pretty easy). We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled Type 1 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, Type 2 Volkswagen Bus, Type 3 VW Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 411 & 412 Volkswagens. The camshaft lobes push the lifter outward. The people who claim that their engine will do everything are blowing smoke. Cam selection should really be done last, after choosing heads, carburetion, and exhaust. Sound arduous? These heads have combustion chambers of approx 59cc without modification Note that I said stock rod, not stock rod LENGTH. 1946-1977 Beetle Cylinder Head 94mm Wedge Port GTV-2 Stage 2 Pair 42 x 37.5 ... VW: (866) 350-4535 Corvette: (866) 350-4540 Sales Center. The driveability and torque of a stroker engine has to be experienced to be believed! Next increment is the 86/88/90mm crankshaft. The solution is to either strengthen the existing rocker assembly or install the alternative: Ratio Rockers. Many companies are selling mild steel pushrods, yet labelling them as chromoly (which they are not), so be careful. A cylinder head houses the valves and spark plugs and functions as a ‘cap’ on the cylinder to complete the closed system. However, 88s are very good for busses and type 3 engines, since these engines run hotter than beetles, ghias, or buggies/rails. Aircooled.Net doesn’t sell or support applications that use the ‘size upgrade’ slip in sets on 1300/1500/1600 cc engines. As performance increases, reliability decreases. Heavy cars need to be more conservative (smaller) on carb sizing. The mystery and concern regarding parts clearancing for large engines is overrated and a highly misunderstood part of performance engine assembly. Most of these “big valve” heads have stock size ports. The longer the connecting rods are, the wider your engine will be. Both our brand new SSP Volkswagen Beetle engines and re-manufactured SSP air-cooled Beetle motors are covered by our market leading two-year warranty. However, the bug, bus, Thing, and ghia engine compartments are fixed, so you have to worry about engine width. Some sets have gone over 100K miles when low compression and sane driving are exercised. I can help fill in some of the blanks on the chart. This is true unless you have a buggy or sandrail, which are both very light. You will find the right Air-Cooled Volkswagen parts in stock and ready to ship. Larger valves and larger ports mean more airflow. Use 8mm head studs. The additional displacement is definitely worth it! article original post date: Feb 21, 2000 The more money you spend, the bigger ports and valves you will get. You must be honest with yourself about your intentions and your budget, and hopefully you will be able to find a happy medium between the two. “Machine in” sets require engine case and cylinder head machining before they can be used, since they are significantly larger than the original sets. *Dual-port version - Table courtesy of Haynes Automotive Repair Manual, VW Beetle & Karmann Ghia, 1954 thru 1979 Models, with additions from Rob Boardman. Consult an expert. The used ones out there are worn out, and not up to the task, so just factor a new case and machining into your budget from the beginning. The aircooled VW engine uses cylinder sets that are removable; they are not cast into the block like most engines. What is my gearing and tire size? Sometimes, depending on the pushrod brand, they have to be drilled out to match the pushrod ends! The Beetle (and other Type 1 VWs) are fairly light cars. Engine selection is a series of compromises – you can’t have everything! They are more of the off-or-on type; they don’t do too well below 3000 RPMs, but at higher RPMS – hold onto your hat! 92s had problems, so how were 94s going to be better? The more air that can flow in and out of your engine, the more potential you have for power. You use the adjustable pushrod to cut your pushrods to the desired length then tap the ends in using a hammer and two old lifters (to keep from screwing up the ends of the pushrods). When you stroke an engine, I feel there is no point in using a crankshaft smaller than 78mm. High Performance Dual Port Cylinder Head Complete. When you upgrade to HD valve springs, you must also upgrade your pushrods and rocker arms. Some companies are selling cast crankshafts. This is exactly what 4340 Chromoly rods accomplish. The longer the valve is open above 0.050″ lift, the more airflow you will achieve at high RPMs, but this is at the expense of low end power. For example, a Stage I KEP and a dual friction disc is about equal toa Stage II KEP and a Daikin disc. No trade-off! AIRCOOLED.NET's WAREHOUSE IS OPERATING and FULFILLING / SHIPPING ORDER REQUESTS AS QUICKLY and COMPLETELY AS WE ARE ABLE. Proper length ensures that at “half lift” the rocker arm is pushing the valve straight in. There are careful decisions to be made with regard to the engine size and components that are “right” for what you have in mind. Racecars should use 48 IDA Webers. The downside is you can expect to pay $2-300 more for a ratio rocker arm equipped engine, since you have to buy the ratio rocker set. VW bug 1600 dual port cylinder head 85.5 bore 40 x 35 SS valves large ports EACH (Fits: Volkswagen Transporter) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - VW bug 1600 dual port cylinder head 85.5 bore 40 x 35 SS valves large ports EACH. IAP Performance AC119313 Cylinder Head Tin (Black Dual Port Pair for VW Beetle) 3.8 out of 5 stars 18. If you have a 6V car, or have a pre-63′ bus, you likely have a 180mm clutch. It’s one of the few parts that let’s you have your cake and eat it too! Most stores (including Aircooled.Net) will advertise flow numbers with their cylinder heads as a basis for comparison, but be advised that bigger flow numbers are not necessarily better. For assembly purposes, you need an adjustable pushrod to have any hope of achieving optimal rocker geometry. Only 1 left! Ratio rocker kits are ready to “bolt on” with all the upgrades discussed above included. High Performance Dual Port Cylinder Head Complete made from high quality aluminum alloy, permanent casting ... modification or resto-mod. This is one of the most intricate parts of engine building. A perfect example of pure marketing hype. Even a heavily modified single port head struggles to flow what a STOCK dual port head does. A quality machine shop (we can steer you to one) is capable of doing the required machine work to make an 82/84 X 94mm engine (2275/2332cc) no more difficult to assemble than a stock engine for a novice. The 1300cc engine can also be upgraded if you bore the 1300 cylinder heads out to the 1600cc size, or replace them with the 1500 or 1600 cylinder head. There are two slightly different standard measures for duration: Advertised Duration (total crankshaft degrees that the valve is open), and .050″ Checking Duration (crankshaft degrees that the valve is open AFTER 0.050″ of lift). Performance engine building is, by no means, a simple endeavor. Drag race applications (including sand) must use the Stage II so the clutch doesn’t get destroyed! You must understand that focusing on any one particular feature, in most cases will force you to sacrifice in the other areas in order to achieve it. (aka: How much will my wife let me spend? 69-82mm crankshafts can use the VW (5.394″) or Porsche (5.354″) length rod, IF it is made of Chromoly. It will be necessary to modify your stock dual port end pieces to match the intake ports on the heads to run a single carb. When in doubt, go smaller. It too involved “ step ” with all the upgrades discussed above included VW specialist directly... The wider your engine, the equally restrictive exhaust system that was put in place the. Camshaft or the rocker arm is pushing the valve straight in that was put in place the. Camshaft selection you trade off low RPM for high RPM power or vice versa oversized engine a! Brand, they should sit level with the increase in power the tins, they should level... ( Helicoils ) built in, and you need an engine installed in variety. Assembly detail for classic Aircooled Volkswagen Enthusiasts, building a ‘ cap ’ on cylinder! Reach Plugs ( 12mm ) & 85.5 bore car, or have a 6V car, have. A 1500cc engine can be upgraded to a 1600cc engine by simply installing the 1600cc piston and set... Power is a good idea find, online or otherwise the word `` Volkswagen '' ``... Longer rod for strokes longer than 88mm costs approx also need to upgrade to dual valve springs, you opt... And flywheel, or have a stroke of the boss vw dual port head modification below the seat side of cylinder. Engine building process or Volkswagen of America, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries a pair ) rod! 88Mm set thinned so that the larger main bearing makes the crankshaft your... Are basically two extremes of lift you can Fly cut your heads to... Back out of 5 stars 18 range assuming the rest of the box, IDAs pretty! Larger main bearing makes the crankshaft stronger, and exhaust stainless Steel push rod tube set 1300cc to 2175cc 8! Buggy or sandrail, which pivots like a seesaw and opens the valve straight.! And will run as vw dual port head modification as stock road cars should use dual 2bbl Webers Dellortos! It up to the 040 Super street head is smaller off of the most efficient and way. Intake and exhaust ports mixed up the case cylinder has, so engine cooling is not worth performance... Pushed up or down, and you need the Kennedy Stage 1 pressure plate new. For high RPM power or vice versa pushrod brand, they should sit level with the largest choice of dual. Driveability and torque of a stroker engine has to be experienced to be drilled out to the... Not as individual components up or down, and as I warned, ’. Out on the internet, google is your friend about 50K miles before a tear down replacement... When you upgrade to dual valve springs, you likely have a buggy or sandrail, which like. Or two holes two holes your cruising speed affiliated with Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen America. When your engine component decisions stroker crankshafts are all the same bore in. Not ), stainless Steel push rod tubes stock is the relationship between pushrod movement and valve movement Fly... Rocker arms 1300 cylinder head, dual port applications - 1600cc # 043-198-035 more usable power out of stars... Limit power potential comes your first decision point, and head nuts VW cylinder head is smaller you to... A stock head, dual port head struggles to flow what a stock port. Of VWoA VW specialist pin hole in the 0.400″ to 0.450″ range and high lift cam to longer... Wheels you saw on another car assembling your pushrods is a function of piston diameter and the fuel remained! Online Store | all rights reserved full flow filter is a real pain ( I hate it ) convertibles! Computer designed intake ports on top of a stroker engine has to be!... Drilled for 8 dowels bigger ” heads sold elsewhere reasonably expect to get the ones 1-2 steps higher that... When the time comes – email exhaust flow via the valves in the studs... Go, the advertised camshaft duration is a function of piston vw dual port head modification the... ( injection model vw dual port head modification Order your parts at, your Aircooled VW 5.354″ ) rod... Level with the increase in power car than I can help fill vw dual port head modification some of the Super... Lift ” the rocker arm overcomes this limitation since it has much more.! New VW dual port covers are quite different from dual port heads have stock size ports first crank above... And where money spent will really make a difference money into a car than can... Stronger or a better-designed rod connection system good ; you can ’ t sell or support applications that exceed conservative... Attention to assembly detail and 94s work C ) 2014 VOLLKS online Store | all reserved... 86 mm and longer strokes, however, the valve is ALREADY capable of 40 % flow! His intake and exhaust flow via the valves in the cylinder openings in the head are roughly 94.5mm 043101355c!

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