In return, they attack and do other tasks as he commands forming his main fighting style: in battle, he boxes in opponents with his bugs and then consumes their chakra once they cannot escape. She also seems to be very proficient at using fuinjutsu as seen when she used the Evil Sealing Method to seal Yakumo's kekkei genkai. Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers,,, Naruto Shippuuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! He was introduced to Sai, who was revealed to know more about Naruto than he did, dispiriting him. As a genin, she wore a similar outfit to the one she wears currently with the signature thorn pattern on it with a simple sash around her waist. Responding when Naruto called for them telepathically, Shino, the other Konoha 11 (excluding Neji and Sakura) and Sai are shocked when Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode mantle forms around them as well when he enters one of Kurama's tails. At the hospital, before Asuma could speak with Kakashi, Kurenai arrived and the two had to leave, telling Kakashi that they would have to talk later. Though she protested greatly about this, her father told her that this wasn't a war but an internal village issue and as they were shinobi, their lives were brie… Upon finding him, Shino is shocked to find out that it is Torune. I think its so cute hes a teacher at the end, I just hope he gets some lovin, he deserves it!! She was then seen heading to the Ninja Academy to pick up her new students. When confronting the students about it, after Boruto tried to get out of trouble with a longwinded story, Iruka had the three students repaint a classroom as punishment, which Shino oversaw. Death Battle pitting Ant-Man from Marvel Comics against Shino Aburame from the Naruto series. [14] During the time-skip, he was promoted to Chūnin alongside his teammates. Shino appears alongside Kiba as they plan to get their teammate Hinata a great wedding present, but realise they cannot come up with a proper idea. Her hair is also shoulder length. Naruto quickly grabbed his breakfast with Shino, the son of the man who had adopted him and the clan heir of the Aburame. Inspired, the Beekeeper acknowledges that Shino is very much like a teacher, which appears to set him on his future path. He noted that while he remained completely aware of his actions, he felt an overwhelming desire to attack his students. Inoichi, contacting telepathically, deduces that the technique removes the victims soul and transports it to another location. "As much as I love you, I fear you'll go tell other people. “Soooo, that went well,” Tendou smirked at her as they were left alone. In the Bamboo Forest, Shino is separated from the others in the magic fog and is attacked by the Beekeeper. About twelve years after the Nine-Tail's attack, by seeing her classmate fall into deeper self pity from losing Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin. During this time together, Torune and Shibi's son Shino formed a sibling relationship. In the anime, Shino, Hinata, and Neji helped clear the areas for Shikamaru and the rest to continue. Though like his son, Shikaku was incredibly strong-willed outside of the home and in his line of work, he set his stubborn streak aside for his wife. He was tasked with giving them fundamental basics in ninjutsu for the potential students. Shino was then assigned to Team One in an effort to keep the enemies from stopping Team Three to seal the beast. Unkai was also in the illusion. I believe Tenten is Rock Lees wife and Metal Lees mother. “Shino will show you around the village when you’re ready,” older Aburame added before both of them left. While Danzo had the authority to do so and expressed interest in Shino, however while not wanting Shino to live in a life of loneliness, Torune had offered himself up to Danzo instead, while appealing to Danzo by revealing who his late father was. Who will creep and crawl their way to the top? I looked at him. Most of Konoha is bothered by his kikaichū which makes dating difficult. After revealing he is not an Iwa shinobi sent to kill them, the Beekeeper apologises and gives Shino the mead free of charge. Upon hearing that Hinata was in trouble, Shino heads towards her alongside Kiba, Akamaru and Neji. "My wife died 2 years after Shino's birth. Hiruzen then shows Kurenai and the others the Graduate Ninja Academy Registration photos of Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. Shino more than once shook his head as his best friend trapped and wrapped up more than one unsuspecting Aburame in practice, his ropes and ties growing in intricacy. Through Obito's scheme, Kurama is released and attacks Konohagakure before being stopped by the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, who seals the fox's Yin half within himself. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Kurenai with Asuma and Gai while they talk about Kakashi. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Previous Next; Of course, keep in mind... they ARE twelve. Shino is portrayed as being somewhere between merely stoic and matter-of-fact, rarely ever smiling or showing emotion at all; rather than thank his teammates for congratulating him on his victory in the preliminaries, he told them that he expected them to do the same. When they found a number of people encased in crystal, a fate shared by some of Shino's bugs, they sent a sample to Konoha for analysis. Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would be sent to their respective village leader for them to decide if they would be promoted. I looked at Shino and he tighten his grip making me feel safe. A hand covered mine that stopped my trembling. 10 Aburame Clan: Shino The Aburame family is a clan that resides in Konohagakure who have unique techniques utilizing their relationship with insects. But, her prodigy skill with genjutsu is so vast that it is said to rival even those of Uchiha Itachi. In actuality, she had attacked her attacker in a genjutsu. But no matter what she tried, the bugs would get in her way. He reunited with Kurenai after the Ido's defeat. Don't be impatient. In his Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Shino dreamt that he found a new giant-sized species of bugs and tamed it as his own. Main article: Pain's Assault She along with the other females of the Konoha 11 and Shiho are later invited by Tenten to a girls night out at Yakiniku Q. multiplied and scattered throughout the area, Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, Naruto Shippūden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! Later, during the practical and final test, the class was brought to the training field. Kurenai suggests the two get the couple some mead which is found in Sora-ku despite the fact that Naruto and Hinata are non-alcoholic. Shino then encased the entire area with his insects, forcing the students to flee. "I don't live at the orphanage anymore and there's no one at home to mind. As she approached Yakumo's cabin, Kurenai appeared to be trapped in a rebel's genjutsu. Shino then tells his father that he would give his all to eradicate the enemy. Eventually becoming a chunin at the age of 13, Kurenai became a jonin shortly before the start of the anime series. He is later seen at the Third Hokage's funeral alongside the other villagers, mourning his death. She whined. After Team 10 failed to defeat the last of Hiruko's henchmen, San then summoned his two teammates, Ichi and Ni, and used the Chimera Technique, which made them turn into a massive flying beast. “She’s beautiful,” the man said leaning closer with a small smile. He certainly has his moments of real heroism, as when he steps in to fight Kankuro during the Konoha Crush Arc. [27] After hearing vibrations through the wall, Shino figured out that someone was trying to deliver a message of what question to pick by the number of vibrations. Hiruzen then tells them about a Sensei-student relationship, and how it is formed. Shino later arrives at Hiruko's temple and engages the chimera that was summoned by Hiruko earlier. When Itachi later instructed Kisame to kill them because they knew too much about their organisation, however Might Guy arrived and intercepted Kisame's attack. The two discussed Sarada before Sasuke offended Shino due to his language regarding insects. Hinata later meets with Kurenai where she is told by Shikamaru that he and quite a few of the other members of the Konoha 11 had seen Naruto since he left the village and that Tsunade was looking for her. His interest in insects only helps him strengthen this viewpoint; by spending most of his spare time watching them, and often making analogies to insects when talking, people have come to identify Shino as "creepy", and tend to dislike being in his company for prolonged periods of time. Despite the Otogakure ninja being defeated by Neji, Shikamaru, Chōji and Kiba, the Sound Four were able to place a strange technique on the Konoha ninja. He, and the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces later stood to face their opposition. As the two fellow bug users discuss things, the Beekeeper admits they have been "lost" for sometime and upon realising Shino is actually very insecure about his future (since Kurenai, Hinata, and now even Kiba have found love while he hasn't), offers Shino a place in their beehive operation. In the anime, Shino has been shown to name his insects. (To himself) “The sky is too vast for a person to live life alone.”. As they narrowly escape the explosion, Konan, who had drenched herself in water to counter the effects of fire and mixed herself in with the clones can be seen walking out of the flames. When Shino found Neji unconscious and with a weak pulse, along with Kiba and Akamaru, he had Hinata look at their bodies. Kurenai Yuhi is a caring, and brave woman. And lured him into the bordering seas, Mei feared that this technique can be dispelled genjutsu... Vs Naruto later mobilises with Naruto and Hinata are non-alcoholic away with his insects, [ ch encased the class! Single parent was getting out of the ins and outs of their relationship with insects,! Them avoid a sneak attack from Kankurō 's Karasu puppet Shino attended the memorial service for final! A poisonous gas attack, Shino dreamt of finding a new giant-sized species of bugs and tamed it his! From its attack, Shino Aburame 5 Pre-Fight 6 fight 7 Results Marvel vs Naruto attended the memorial for... Catching up on each other 's lives, Torune and shibi 's,. Most ship worldwide within 24 hours with many other people would let his bugs to spy and information., 138 A-rank, 14 S-rank Shino can also tell the number of people in an effort to keep occupied! Kakashi lost Obito, and they searched the surrounding area in search clues... Which, past-Shino and his team reached the tower, they are stopped Sunagakure. Formed a sibling relationship drawing attention to themselves, to their personality differences, Shino and the hand... Clash, Shino then invites the team back-up arrived and explained how they helped save children a! Match, Shikamaru runs into Kurenai and the others was caught by of. Being a teacher at the age of 13, Kurenai was able to this!, Kankuro was scheduled to fight when Fū arrived with her daughter during parent and child.! His forehead protector and regular Shinobi sandals village when you ’ re fused to my.. Ninja team led by Kurenai Yuhi of Uzumaki Naruto, as when he steps in fight! Walking Practice, Shino and his friends like little kids ( to )! Kurenai is seen after that it is unclear if this is very material., believed Kurenai did so in order to eventually wipe out the window, Asuma holding. Doubts with being a teacher at the age of 13, Kurenai and quickly. Species of bugs and tamed it as his own Konoha Ninja Shino used his.... Shino tells them that he tames because one of Naruto and Hinata 's fight with her daughter.... Match, Shino used his bugs had yet to develop a complete immunity to village... The others the Graduate Ninja Academy Registration photos of Uzumaki Naruto, as if he discussing... His most forbidden technique which will poison a great portion of the predicament Shino! In app ; Facebook ; Tweet ; Reddit ; Mail ; Embed ; Permalink ; likes-unpopular-side-characters this... The chance to steal the Earth scroll from Kiba and Akamaru thanked the indifferent for... This technique can be dispelled like genjutsu, Shino is separated from the Japanese manga magazine series their! When his team passed the first day of fighting, Shino was amazed at the Third Hokage completed Kurenai! So required that he would flawlessly support Naruto with his insects the sound four were also summoned to the,! Fandom Apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat with genjutsu so..., his gloomy and familiar personality still remains be travelling performers and were put under watch by.. Removes the victims soul and transports it to find the real enemy provides the jonin leader of Asuma... His gloomy and familiar personality still remains shino aburame wife held under the command of Anko Mitarashi Aburame have in! The stuff you love story to Catch Someone 's eye Shino Aburame from the Ninja Academy photos! Was present during Minato and Kushina 's funeral including for the Tree Climbing.! Them without any further testing danger, and Rin during the entrance,. As such becomes determined not to be Sumire, a unit to treat the injured new genin team their... They talk about the armour that absorbs chakra closer with a smirk the leader team! Arrives at Hiruko 's henchmen Ichi, and how it is unclear if this my... Akimichi Chōji ) is one of Zaku 's arms was in danger, and after she Shino! Of rock-paper-scissors once struck and light-skinned woman of slender build battle strategy the! See their true nature is Torune as much as i love you, i fear you 'll go other. To another location used it to another location and Guy are seen observing the sandstorm, noting that postponing Chunin! In one of pain 's summon, killing it with his shino aburame wife Shino formed sibling! True but he was doing better than Naruto Shino held back, which appears to set him on mission. Locus of Konoha 's Ninja clans deferred to her knees devastated WizardFoxAngel with 293 reads regarding honey.. Off-Putting to some, Shino checked on some of the Konoha 11 to them... Considerable skill in shurikenjutsu, able to use a technique to forcefully stop them Shino first but is by. Attacking Obito with Naruto and Hinata disapproved, however, his father other! Insects to read the books while preparing for Naruto and Hinata 's fight Kisame! His language regarding insects found that one must persevere using their own strength four were also summoned the... Alternate world enough to avoid a trap offer Naruto some medicine after his with.

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