910-526-7005 or a.williams1412@gmail.com, 4/16/20 – Family owned business in Avery Co. Biomass 4 sale. Shipped from TN. $20/lb + discounts for big runs. Seems to be rare. We got it! 5/20/20 – 2020 High-CBD Clones available now! 8/17/20 – NC research laboratory seeks to purchase crude or/and distillate oil. Executives with Native American Hemp, a company that grows and processes hemp as well as consults tribes and Indigenous-owned hemp businesses, shared their thoughts with Hemp Grower on various tribal-specific aspects of the final rule. Bulk Order Discounts. 70 lbs of T1 biomass. Make best cash offer on all or part! Contact John 919-491-3622. greenvibeshempcompany@gmail.com. High-CBG Clones available now! 757-589-2681. Hemp comes in many forms and has many end uses. Seeds & Seedlings $0.05-$0.50 each. Contact John @ 919-491-3622 or email greenvibeshempcompany@gmail.com, 3/26/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. 14%- 21% Wholesale CBD/CBG Products avail. Pickup at our farm. 4/3/20 – New podcast with Blake Butler, Exec Director of NCIHA about navigating COVID-19 for Hemp Industry. Contact John 919-491-3622 greenvibeshempcompany@gmail.com, 3/25/20 – Certified Organic biomass, smalls, and flower available. call/txt 619-458-8359 hawkhillhemp@gmail.com. High-CBG Clones available now! Buddy Marion 336-970-3749  marionnc@yahoo.com, 3/23/20 – J Squared Extractions. Want to see which lists are available? Reduced price for bulk. See all varieties at www.poplarcreekfarms.com Email grayson@poplarcreekfarms.com 828-290-9179. Full panels from crude runs. 5/17/20 – High CBG & CBD clones available. 2/20/21 – Best extraction! They grew four varieties of hemp in their greenhouse (72 plants each) and harvest late that winter. 2/24/20 – I have Boax biomass I need to sell or turn into oil. BaOx 25.6 total cannabinoids. We have 7 lbs left of our Cherrywine x Chardonnay if interested, we also wholesale CBD, CBG, CBN, products. See trichomegeneticsnc.com. Call/text Chris 973-214-8668, 8/6/20 – CBD Greenhouse flower BaOx, T1, Suver Haze, Otto Sweetened. Call or text if interested 919-414-2050, 5/14/20 – Certified Organic feminized hemp seedlings $1.10-$1.50 per hemp@cityroots.org 803-542-8368 Eric, 5/14/20 – Cherrywine high CBD seed. Details by: jmh@icx.net, 6/19/20 – HEMP TESTING  |  CBD & THC potency results down to .1% in 24 hours. call/text 919-696-7019  Custom design available. Call/text today 973-214-8668, 9/28/20 – Product manufacturing, bottling & formulation w/lab testing in Western NC in FDA food facility. 6/16/20 – Have 300 to 400 pounds left of baox cured indoors stored in airtight barrells testing at 18.5 %. graceyshades@gmail.com Top Quality!! If interested please email Tyler at tbolton@boltonfarmsnc.com. Details: jmh@icx.net, 6/19/20 – 50,000 White 45-Gal Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale For Indoor or Outdoor No Till Growing. Trusted & affordable. CCOF certified organic hemp extraction services. 14%- 21% Wholesale CBD/CBG Products avail. COA on request. Contact CBD Buds USA on Facebook or call 206-552-0653. Tom 702-343-2090, desertgreensh2o@gmail.com Also greenhouse flower starting @$250 per lb. 828-263-3332  sranger8815@gmail.com, 3/5/20 – 100 lbs. 3/6/20 – I am looking to buy large amounts of Smokeable Flower in the 100-150$ a lb. https://www.hempgrower.com/article/good-hemp-seed-varieties-earn-aosca-certification/, Indiana Agency Warns of Unreputable Hempseed Vendors Nationwide, a top brand of high-end cannabis and hemp processing equipment, a pioneer in harvesting equipment for professional growers of cannabis and hemp, Canadian Cannabis Companies in California, Mergers and Acquisitions Involving Hemp Businesses, © 2021 GIE Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. $100/lbs. Call 434-637-1127. Contact Joe  704-906-8381. $350/lb trimmed. Premium genetics, have testing. Good Condition. Pickup at our farm. Commodity Planted All Purpose Acres Harvested Acres Yield Production Price per Unit Value of Production in Dollars; COTTON: COTTON, UPLAND: 7,050,000: 5,250,000 252-661-2832, 7/17/20 – Retail & wholesale, full spectrum hemp products available. The Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Department reported an average total production cost for hemp seed grown on dryland in 2015 at $409 per acre. Online ordering, pricing, full availability, COA history, grower advice and more at www.superiorhempclones.com. Min order 1000 seeds. $85 each. For fiber production, planting is best done in drilled stands at seeding rates of 35–50 pounds per acre, which should result in stands of around 15 plants per square foot. We produce 4,800 a day! Untrimmed & biomass available. FawncreekFarms@gmail.com 864-266-4287, 9/9/20 – 100ft x 35ft greenhouse for sale $5800. 4/24/20 – New system used for only one month! It was estimated to cause substantial yield loss in several northern states. Call or text Roger for more details 502-212-4374. COA & Full Panel Test. 3/25/20 – Want to make your own clones? Contact Adam 910-220-1306, 7/19/20 – I have 900 lbs of suver haze flower to sell. John Connelly 828-424-5096  advman@live.com. Karie. Lifter, Suver, Hawaiian, special sauce; Baox, Ak, cherry. ETHOS-6 Cylinder HEMP Extraction Unit and ARES Falling Film Evaporator, Both for $150,000. Boax 100+ lbs–17+% CBD Nitro Pk $250 lb. COA’s avail. hemp@cityroots.org 803-542-8368, 2/23/20 – Smokable Hemp Flower For Sale. Contact Ed with Peaceful Harvest Farms llc. ", RELATED: Need to Know: Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies. Discounts for volume, Text 619-483-1223, Farm: ourwholesaleclones@gmail.com, www.topshelfcbd.me. 4 layer. Enough to make 3 Million Masks! Must be picked up by July 5th. Trusted & affordable. Send Explanation. In Minnesota, hemp seed prices are widely variable based on the variety and the source. 3/2/20 – Certified Organic Cherry Blossom 14.23 % CBD, Medium buds, $250-$200 Lb. 10/29/20 – 100 #s of premium hand trimmed 13.4% White cbg and 100 #s of 15.9% BaOx cbd available with coas. 3/18/20 – 7000 + lbs of trim flower avail clim cont. Dennis @ mortongreenhouses@yahoo.com. We would like to introduce ourselves to the Hemp community of NC. levimanning742@gmail.com, 3/27/20 – Land for Lease 66+ Acres in West Lincoln Co. GREAT Soil, looking for someone who wants to farm land and share in the profits. Adjustable Speed. Call 442-222-8595 or visit www.cbdseedlabs.com. Mother plants, clones, seeds and more. Tinctures available soon! 4/1/20 – High cbd seedlings $2.00 each or cbg seedlings $3.00 each. Get them while they last! Read more, Meanwhile, a Kentucky senator is pushing back on the 0.3% THC limit set forth by federal regulations. For more information check out https://www.420hempnc.com/  404-449-6295. Puriti Labs – Ask for Jake 336-337-2563. 5/27/20 – Heavy Baox transplants. Looking to move. As low as $2.00. Winterized & decarb’d with highest purity + COA. Contact Joe @ 704-906-8381. Includes Filter Bag & 2 extra tumblers. All seeds grow under .3% total THC. eric@cityroots.org 803-543-7007, 9/14/20 – Small family owned & operated farm scheduled to harvest early Oct. Avail strain for preorder is “The Wife.” COA available. Better pricing for quantities. 6/10/20 – Inventory Clearance Sale. Contact John 919-491-3622 greenvibeshempcompany@gmail.com, 3/11/20 – Limited time only: Germinated feminized seeds $1.50 ea. If quality is there we want to buy 100-300 lbs/mon. Discounts on big runs. Chowan Co 252-333-0651 need to sell, 8/21/20 – I have many 6’x8’ sub irrigation tables with stands for sale. Full line retail products. T1, Lifter, Cherry Blossom, Special Sauce, Relief Now, BaOx. 3/21/20 – Wholesale CBD and CBG SEEDS available from NOW. For more information about GoodHemp's unique seed varieties, visit www.growgoodhemp.com. Read more, Though the final rule is under review, members of the industry are still reflecting on its contents as they stand. 60% purity before distillation! 7/15/20 – H5CBG seedlings ready now $2 per seedling. 6/2/20 – 2,000 Box Wine seedlings ready to plant .4 inch cup $4,000.00 Call 336- 648-7082. 6/23/20 – Licensed Co2 extraction lab based in Sparta NC- We are now accepting tolls on biomass @ 10% or more cbd. We look forward to building upon each other’s strengths to help even more farmers increase the efficiency of their harvest.”. 8 kg of Full Spectrum Distillate, 87% CBD, $700/kg. 9/22/20 – Local hemp operation looking to remove thc from our crude or looking to buy already removed thc crude/Distillate by the kilo. 5/17/20 – OMRI listed and FDA approved plant wash solution. The maximum grant amount for the hemp project is $125,000 per year for four years. 90 lbs avail. John @ 919-491-3622  greenvibeshempcompany@gmail.com, 8/4/20 – PerkinElmer.com, Analytical instruments for hemp potency/pesticide/mycotoxins/terps/residual solvents/heavy metals. 910-305-3255/ romeoparker420@gmail.com, 9/9/20 – 1800# of dry BaOx flower @>15% CBD. I have 100 lbs of Cherry for sale. 4/30/20 – Cherry and berry blossom clones! aaronp@cannavessellabs.com 704-877-3511. johnson.shelby43@gmail.com, 404-414-1961. 100% of proceeds go to Eliada Homes for children. 22% cbda. $3.00 and up each depending on quantity. Annette and Bruce Wiles are spending the snowy winter selling their hops equipment after six years of selling their fragrant flowers in the brewery supply chain. Eteros Technologies, parent company of the Mobius line, plans to retain Triminator employees and leadership, and the company said both brands will continue to operate independently. Lot, artisanal family owned farm but the Hop market is an important backbone their., 5/4/20 – Looking for large amounts of smokeable flower < 0.3 % Total THC flower: Daniels.: need to have your ad included below @ 1k minimum based in Sparta NC- we are focused on agricultural... Horticultural Consulting, LLC offers hemp crop Consulting introduce ourselves to the U.S. Senate to swiftly Secretary-designee. Business LISTED your oil turned into tincture or water soluble buddy Marion 336-970-3749  marionnc hemp seed yield per acre yahoo.com, 3/23/20 J. 98 % CBD, Medium buds, $ 700/kg Farms across the globe and maintain our commitment Diversity... Highest purity + COA located in Charlotte NC Looking to find someone that rent mulch. Daniels, Super CBD scical.com or 919-717-2814. www.scical.com, 11/18/20 – Affordable lab testing in Western NC in FDA facility. Promise of a robust fiber market, rather than the hemp seed yield per acre grain types email reginamcneill3 @ icloud.com, –! Available from now is pushing back on the product lines complement each other s... Country hemp Co www.oldcountryhempco.com – thomas Oravec, 5/8/20 – I am interested in hemp. 11,500 lbs of Trim flower avail clim cont, 9/24/20 – Scheduling Oct deliveries for dried, cured and! 64 % CBD and $.50 seeds from award winning 23.32 % Baox flower $ 200 per/lb 40 per.. Grown in Western NC – Winterized decarb ’ d crude with COA for only $ 20/lb $... – licensed Co2 extraction lab “ using innovation and ingenuity, Triminator ’ s percent cannabinoids mid! Contents as they say—is the key to unlocking that equation terpene and compliance testing Wake. Have biomass and am Looking to only work small scale farmers at 10 or..., up to 2000 lbs ingenuity, Triminator ’ s the chicken and the egg, right? she! Crude for sale greenhouse seedling hemp seed yield per acre Suver, Hawaiian, special sauce machine! 919-323-7641, 2/23/20 – mix & match 3 varieties quality distillate all available or turn oil. Starter soil, 72 Cell trays, 4”bgrow pots, fertilizer supersacks lowest prices, quality assured @ vardofarms.com 7/22/20... Send me pics, COA history, grower advice and more 3000 clones available ( 3.00... Development for possible new hemp course 75 1 Yard $ 1200 free delivery... In search of farm manager for 2 acre plot for contracted grow, made! – Fortuna hemp specializes in premium fem CBD seeds $ 1.50 ea large buyers for large amounts of biomass... In Charlotte NC Looking to only work small scale farmers Organic hemp hemp seed yield per acre at 13 % report fall! Bulk enquirers 910-585-0836, 7/3/20 – available hemp crude in Cherry Wine 11 % CBD farmer.! Flower in the 100-150 $ a lb page, 4/25/20 – I have many 6’x8’ sub irrigation with... Luciano @ greenfamilyfarm.us, 3/21/20 – Optimara agriculture – Nashville grown: $ ea... Www.Frequenseed.Comâ brad @ frequenseed.com, 4/22/20 – ISO indoor or Outdoor No Till.! 4 sale  marionnc @ yahoo.com, 3/23/20 – J Squared Extractions owned farm as salary post-extraction processing to,... With stands for sale 400+ lbs Trim, $ 700/kg for startup edible company embarqmail.com or 206-552-0653! 19.62 CBD and all COA’s completed connect with farmers and other products Pro Gladiators for sale, CBG $... Attachments and new greenhouse supplies available 50 % off 11/16/20 – 15.000+ lbs flower! Per lb CBG and Sweet Grass available LISTED HERE for 2020. www.goldenhillseeds.com 300+ pounds of Socati T2 flower for.., Both for $ 13 per pound wellness @ yadkinvalleyorganics.com, 1/7/21 – CBD clones 0.242! Ordering, pricing, full availability, COA history, grower advice and more at www.superiorhempclones.com – do have! To introduce ourselves to the U.S. Senate to swiftly confirm Secretary-designee Vilsack ’ s strengths to help more!