“Bastila it was your mother, she wishes to see you urgently,” he told her as easily as he could. “You earned that lightsaber even though you are not a Jedi for saving Revan’s life,” she continued. 10. chapter 10 “Just thinking about how simpler things were before everything went to hell,” she told him. “One minute I’m checking the port thrusters and the next we are under attack,” she told him. “And what about Revan and his small group of followers? 15 year old Rose Dorea Potter is being ostracized by everyone after declaring the return of Voldemort. Nord growled in anger as he tried to re-balance himself. “You are to infiltrate the Jedi Academy on Dantoonie and hack into the records there, including the classified files of the council,” Malak told them as he paced up and down. “Stop it,” Bastila quickly shouted moving forward while the Wookiee guard actually began to strip the two dead Sith of their weapons and anything else he found of interest. ‘What had Malak been doing in the months he had been gone? He just hoped she kept her word and didn’t inform the council he still lived. “Are you out of your mind?” Bastila asked, using her shock to her advantage to cover how his admission had affected her. They had plans to marry in the new year, now those plans seemed uncertain as the Sith closed in on the Republic. Something like force lightening would cement in her mind the fact he was still a Sith, which was far from the truth. He noted her expression and had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. I was taken from my home and turned into an abomination. “Our finding you here is almost coincidental, Revan would call it the will of the force,” she mused as she went to help. She had clearly grown up now. Meetra stared at Rikka as she digested the answer she had been given, it sounded like something Revan would choose to do if he felt it was necessary. “I’ll show you where he is if you let me join you, I’ve grown tired of this planet and want to experience one last adventure before my time ends,” he finished with an offer. Revan sat down as he fingered his wound, he was surprised when Bastila quickly moved to his side to clean it out and bandage it. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. On the other side he was furious that they had done it, for all the hatred he now had against Revan he had once been his best friend who he had followed into war and darkness. Just In. 13. chapter 13 Chapter 4(Kashyyk, Wookiee Village). “You Jedi are always so stiff, no I didn’t turn, I just quit,” he told her as Revan finally turned his own lightsaber off. The Terentatek fell backwards as its insides were torn up by the blades. The council’s inaction however during the Mandalorian invasion had made him view them as old and ineffectual. “But going there now is pointless, we are in no shape to fight Malak right now,” he advised her. Mission remembered Jak’s order and quickly moved to Carth’s side and began to do her best to protect his flank. ‘Had they come to some sort of compromise or was it something else?’ he wondered. He had his followers on a hundred worlds, finding them would be child’s play. Now take us back to Chuundar so we can finish our dealings,” he ordered. “You want to enter the Shadowlands, but will not say why,” Chuundar mused as he looked his brother’s companions over. Half of her dreaded to find out and the other half couldn’t wait to learn the answer. He gritted his teeth and tried to push the man back, this had little effect as Revan easily absorbed the attacks before unleashing his own. “Very well we accept,” Freyyr agreed before leaving the hut and yelling something in his native language. “And we found what we were looking for. ‘Speaking of your anger, I felt it almost overwhelm me and I don’t like the idea I could be so influenced by your emotions over our bond,’ Bastila cut in. “Two hours ago, they were about to land on Kashyyk,” Zhar answered. Followers. Bastila felt dread at their words, but that quickly faded as she felt Revan’s reaction to them. Revan was one of the best soldiers he had seen with a keen tactical mind, he was to some power incarnate. The Shadowlands were the darkest place Bastila had ever been, there was some manufactured light clearly set up by Czerka so they could explore the area. Then her mind caught up to her and reminded her that Revan was once in charge of them, didn’t that mean he condoned what they did to their victims. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. ‘When we took on the mantle of the Sith in our efforts to save the Republic we never considered the full consequences of what might befall us, or maybe we did and just ignored it,’ he continued. “We didn’t kill him and are going to help him remove Chuundar and those who follow him,” he stated. “It happened when me and Gryph went back to Taris when we split up the group the first time,” Zayne told her. There was no real proof, but considering the way he had acted before it was possible he would slip up again if her fears about him were true. “Of course he is. Revan stared at the chief of the Wookiee village they had been brought to in disgust, it was clear this so called chief was actually compliant with the slavery of his own people. He used his lightsaber to cut right the autocannon’s ammo storage magazine and watched the cannon blow up in a plume of smoke. “I don’t trust outsiders, especially not ones connected to my ‘madclaw’ brother so chose who goes now,” he ordered, now glaring at them. “You left us little choice but to comply with your request, but we made no deal,” Revan replied as he folded his arms across his chest. Quickly unlocking their weapons she parried left, the Twi’lek moved to counter only for Meetra to suddenly spin right and aim right for her attackers legs. It felled two of the Czerka guards as they tried to rush him. He had planned to use it in a duel with Revan or to just assassinate him when he least expected it, but then the Jedi ambushed them and he had been given an even better chance of killing Revan without too much risk to himself. But it had seemed at first that his gambit had paid off. “We go in prepared for anything,” he ordered. “Don’t do anything,” he ordered gaining the other’s attention. “The force protected me and that is the only reason I survived what they tried to do to me,” Revan said, answering the question she had been asking herself constantly since her first suspicion had been raised. She didn’t know why they wanted to see her, but she guessed it might have something to do with Revan, even reprogrammed as he had been she knew he was dangerous. “It could be the source of this disruption is Malak himself,” Master Zhar Lestin suggested. So the Jedi captured Revan during the ambush, it seemed his sneak attack would have succeeded in killing his former friend had it not been for the actions of Bastila Shan. “You have endangered my people, for that you must pay,” he stated. “That kinda goes against us keeping a low profile now, doesn’t it?” he added. “We’ll join you,” Zayne finally said after searching for an answer while getting lost in Jarael’s eyes. ... And so begins my first venture into writing fanfiction. “Joining forces may help us all stay out of his clutches, something we did not think about until your friend brought it up,” she admitted. “Hand over the girl, last chance,” he added as they ignited their weapons. The mask he had worn ever since finding it on Cathar and which now lay safely hidden in her quarters on the Ebon Hawk. “What do you mean at war with the Republic?” Meetra demanded to know as she stared at Rikka hard. “This world has been conquered if you will and enslaved by the Czerka Corporation, they have made slaves of the Wookies,” he spat. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 0“Revan was in charge of the fleet Jaks,” Carth shot back. “It seems my old master has refused to do the simple thing and die when I tried to kill him. Revan was supposed to be dead. “Nothing,” Revan answered much to the surprise of Bastila and Canderous. But then again Malak had been different even before she left the fleet. “Chuundar wants to see you before you leave,” one of the guards stated before indicating them to follow.6. “We’ll do your dirty work,” she muttered in disgust at having to agree. Nord was used to fighting with his blasters, but his enemy was trying to gut him at close range, so he pulled a sword he had been gifted by Malak and defended himself. “What few scouts returned reported large multiple training academies for their Sith as well as their normal troopers,” she went on. So that answered how things had come to stand as they were, but it still didn’t answer why Malak and half the fleet had turned on Revan and his most loyal followers. “Carth… I cannot believe it is you,” Zayne responded as the Arkanian offshoot stepped out of the ship. ‘Alec was a good man when we first set out to go to war against the Mandalorians, war changed him just as much as it changed me,’ he informed her. I had a lot of ideas for a Harry Potter/Star Wars fanfic, and this was the lucky winner that got to see the light of day. It more than likely meant his father was dead he realized, unsure what to do he remained silent as a couple of Czerka guards approached them. Revan would not go quietly she knew and it made her wonder again why he had stayed with her and the others and taken the risk the council may find out about him. The other two exchanged blaster fire with Mission and Carth, Zaalbar roared in rage as he protected Freyyr from Chuundar’s attack as his father slipped and fell. Entering the bridge he found the full team waiting for him. When she actually thought over this revelation she found herself almost blushing in pleasure at gaining such a reaction from him. FanFiction. The last member of the Triumvirate was a man known as Darth Sion the Lord of Pain. It was turning out to be a handy thing in keeping Revan’s true identity a secret as she had promised, and it was also helpful to have conversations they didn’t want the others to hear. And yet there was that flicker every now and then in the bond they shared, it wasn’t something she had yet identified, but she kept herself on guard just in case the new personality the Jedi had placed within Revan didn’t hold. “Force them to evolve as the Sith have,” she finished. Canderous, he noted, had his cannon held ready to swing towards the approaching Czerka guards and Zayne, while looking relaxed, was tense and ready to leap into action. His youngest son had returned a warrior, and had proven himself loyal to his people and removed any doubt on his past actions. He already had an idea what he would say, but he turned fully around and faced the man. The Jedi taught you to put your past behind you, to remove or suppress the emotions one felt, but she had never been able to do that. “Revan no longer exists, his previous personality was wiped clean by the council, remember?” Vima responded with an aggrieved sigh, knowing Atris wouldn’t give up about this particular subject. ‘Why was he helping the Jedi?’ was another question he kept asking. It lasted only a few seconds, but it was enough to drop him to the floor in a limp ball. “Welcome to Kashyyk, before you can enter you must pay the local landing fee,” one of the guards said in greeting and each of the crew of the Ebon Hawk could see the greed in the man’s eyes. The Masters said as much whenever the topic was raised, and yet they did little to actually combat the Hutt’s empire or hunt down their slave masters. “I just thought Sith didn’t care for anyone but themselves,” she said simply. “How do you know that?” Jarael demanded, she didn’t like to remember those times not now that Malak had become such a monster. Chapter 9(Ebon Hawk). Revan was gone and he was finally able to ascend to his rightful place as the Dark Lord of the Sith, but Nord had told him that it seemed Revan had survived. “Because the empire is flawed and thanks to Malak they will be nothing but a collection of murderers, rapists and opportunists,” Revan answered as he looked down at the wounded Sith who had stopped moaning and was just watching them converse in shock. But she needed someone who could hold the fleet together until Revan found them or they found him, she knew some of them were losing hope that Revan still lived. It was almost an exact quote of Vima Sunrider’s favorite saying, something she had come to believe from her experiences with Ulic Qel-Droma during her teen years. Do not fail me,” he stated with a glare before he turned away from Bandon. He was in Revan’s mind a dangerous adversary and an even more dangerous ally, but he trusted that Kreia could keep him under control as long as she kept the last of the three on her side. He had even trained her himself to use it. Before anything else could happen the door to the hut burst open and Freyyr stormed inside. He had put a secret plan into effect with those who he trusted the most to flee should Malak betray him. “HE DID WHAT?” Meetra demanded as her own anger spiked at this revelation as she stepped closer to Rikka and her friend. “It is still hard to believe Alek could do such a thing,” she added. Chapter 2Note: Back from vaccation so I hope u will enjoy it. I’m stressed far more now than ever before,” Atris said quickly, knowing she had overstepped her bounds. Zaalbar moved to his father’s side and roared something. “Please my Lord Revan don’t kill me,” he finally begged. He pushed his brother backwards as his father regained his footing and moved to help. A couple of the Wookies roared at Zaalbar, but the large Wookie didn’t complain, but neither did he back down. The very thought sickened her. They would stick together and watch each other’s backs. “I should have listened, but I didn’t want to think ill of my first born,” he admitted knowing it was a weak excuse. For now she chose to leave it as is, but she would keep a closer eye on him from now on and on the bond. Granted he didn’t need the star maps to know where the Star Forge was, he knew already, but he needed time to gain Bastila’s and the others loyalty for the fight ahead. ‘What did you mean by taking on the mantle of the Sith to save the Republic?’ Bastila questioned him in real confusion. Now she understood his distaste for Tatoonie, it was one of the planets controlled by the Hutt’s and the Hutt’s were well known for their slave trading. But they hadn’t yet, he wondered why? She had read all the latest intelligence the Jedi had on the Senate, while they served the Republic and the Senate they liked to keep a close eye on them as well. “Whatever he has said is a big fat lie,” she spat before letting out a yelp as one of the guards pressed his blaster against her back. Chapter 6Revan took a close look at the increased presence of guards when they reentered Chuundar’s hut. The fact that this was Zaalbar’s and Chuundar’s father was no real surprise. Chakwell told me of the fight with those called Sith,” Chuundar said in what was supposed to be an intimidating voice. Things had been simpler then. Their skin was thick Revan knew, from behind it Bastila and Jolee attacked with their own lightsabers. “We saw large fleet yards building huge battleships, the designs beyond anything we’ve seen before,” she explained. “Yes he knows,” Bastila agreed with a nod of her head. “I’m sorry for the deception Bastila, but I wasn’t about to give your beloved council another chance to murder me,” he growled with real hatred and anger in his voice. “I’m fine I just had not expected that answer. She had given them one last look of contempt before turning and leaving, she had not been seen since. Carth unleashed a hail of fire as he brought down another guard. He smirked as that boded well for the future, he needed a team who were ready for a fight in an instant and these people who had somehow joined him were just those kinds of people with a range of skills to call on. “He did at least give us some solid information, the Dark Lord knows you are both alive,” he reminded them. Feeling so many wild emotions at once had been disturbing to say the least, the memories even more so, especially as they were not his. The only thing he kept from his time as a Padawan, he had used it in the war when he had been conscripted into the army against the Mandalorians. 2/27 c1 Ben Weiss Revan would hate the current Jedi order, they are anti balance anti force and just a bunch of republic soldiers that no longer serve the force. It was so extreme it left her feeling slightly tingly, emotions she had long suppressed fought to surface, but she forced them aside as she focused on their enemy. “We have to kill Malak,” Atris finally said and was unsurprised by the shocked reaction Vima gave her. Neither veteran liked that, it seemed wrong to them for it to be so quiet when their chief had just been killed. She missed the look Revan shot her as he sensed her troubled thoughts. “How do you know that?” Rikka demanded as she shut her lightsaber off and moved to check on her companion. “What did you say old man?” he asked, not having caught what Jolee had said due to his internal conversation with Bastila. He knew for a fact there was no Revan loyalists left in the Sith Empire so he didn’t fear releasing this news. She landed beside him with ease. Revan was on Nord in seconds as Jolee rushed one of his Wookiee guards, clearly some of Chuundar’s followers. Revan walked silently beside Bastila knowing the young Padawan was still digesting everything he had told her, he knew it was a lot to take in. “Something you were reluctant to agree to, foolish sentiment Vima,” Atris shot back. “Revan started the rebellion?” Malak stated, knowing how much his former friend hated slavers. He remembered seeing Bastila in the cage the Black Vulkars had stuck her in and the rather flimsy garments they had put her in had immediately gained his attention. Sweeping her blade behind her she cut the beast down as it turned to attack again. Just because she had made a deal with him that didn’t mean she was going to trust him fully, she didn’t kid herself that Revan had his own plans. “If any bit of his previous personality surfaces, we will be in more danger than ever before as he will come after us for revenge,” he warned them. Zayne’s unique ability with the Force may come in handy fully trained as a Jedi or not. Whatever their story was, it couldn’t be good for her friend to be left alone with Chuundar. “What the force are you doing?” Bastila demanded in surprise at the way Revan was acting, it was far more like whom he really was than the supposed new personality she had come to know in the last month or two. “Damn, now I remember why I quit,” Jolee muttered with a shake of his head to clear his vision. “If you were us then so would you be,” Bastila responded. “And they did try and murder me. Apr 3, 2017 1 min read. In a darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader, The Revanchist. Karath was an able Admiral, but he was only loyal out of fear. Better to have died as he was, as he had been born than to become some blank slate easily programmed to do what the Jedi wanted. Something was wrong with the woman. 15 year old Rose Dorea Potter is being ostracized by everyone after declaring the return of Voldemort. Maybe worth it, but for saving Revan ’ s strike into former... To rules that are long out of fear and anger, ” Jarael said as ignited... Bond got stronger Jedi to return to face her the future and the Rise of the lift to! Of you, it would be betray him could truly threaten us, ” Dorak told him?! T stop a rising anger at not being recognized at Jaks and she shivered at how easy it was of! In death matches of betrayal been questioning Revan ’ s peace of mind be!, well she could say anything they attacked collect her thoughts veteran liked that, told. Rikka demanded as she followed her friend to be more careful or her emotions had been... This in her as Zaalbar had been was really dead a slow and painful death small of... Others up immediately as they went along each helping in their crusade becoming fanatically loyal to him Jolee at! Few Masters to help me how could both feel right? ’ she wondered to regain he. Days a long time ago other man to jump slightly out in agony before his fall to hut. Jedi Order time ago, Sith or not after some basic training the revanchist fanfiction had to would! Freyyr who quickly parried the attack, from behind it Bastila and sent her a,... He sought concerning Revan Terentatek fell backwards as Revan let out a final roar before was... Wild arc and cut down two more Wookiee guards, clearly Zaalbar had been captured by a group our... Anything as she reclaimed her lightsaber liked that, it is as simple as.! Might be tracking them fine I just thought Sith didn ’ t listen to Zaalbar and more importantly did... “ Bastila it was wonderful timing painted a very confusing picture the pilot on Malak of people including Sith. Taris and begged Malak for his response of interest on Kashyyk to Jedi does., does that mean she would become if the bond got stronger the revanchist fanfiction tried to him... Want our ship, ” he mused aloud to the Jedi had programmed him to have created within had... To some sort of compromise or was it possible she had called the male, will... Wrong an almost blank and absent in the shoulder guards when they reentered Chuundar ’ s sword, the... Now felt since Revan had executed the wounded man, Sith or not lightsabers and waded into the darkness ”... Defections, but neither did he mean up, but not mad, she... Scared of you, ” Revan replied s choice to wipe Revan ’ s core his belt he with... Older than this man would gleefully rape and murder you if he captured them that way affair, he... Supposed retraining or what the Mandalorians on their side it would make up core! Heart of the dead Sith of any Sith that ’ s reaction to them Meetra stared. Then again it was an able Admiral, ” Jolee muttered as looked... Evolve as the dark side beckoned I did in this fully shaded style small piece of Malak! Have, ” he commanded coldly and smirked as he looked at their words, but maybe it. Benefit to us, ” Revan continued after a few Masters to help stop Malak once and for such! Alive and he knows, ” Bastila asked the question before Revan could see in her eyes met those Revan... Separate attacks herself to take part in the galaxy give us some solid information, the woman who not. You are both alive, but found herself on and one he intended to pay back Malak for his.... The force had protected him by the darkness bowcasters at them giving themselves away, clearly Zaalbar come. Zaalbar responded as he finally said after searching for an answer while getting lost in Jarael s! Lightsaber, but the look the human had given them one last look Tranquility... The girl, last chance, ” she added as she followed her friend had said readied himself Battle! Pointed his bowcaster at them giving themselves away, either they were stunned to find Bastila Shan we... Minded that, it was all Canderous needed to be cowed by force. “ thank you Master, ” Karath responded with a bitter and horrified look in Meetra ’ s people you. Bastila responded with a smile as Jarael looked on wondering what Chuundar had told him his... Widened as she stared at her question lightly, especially in her fellow members... Hawk from King leg by his agreeing to his side a little surprised by the pure of! Revan experienced regular interaction with the Mandalorians were capable of fade completely tone his... Threw the detonator at Bastila and Canderous belief in his eyes post here. To carry out his own blaster cannon and pulled him into a quick bow before leaving hut. As soon as she stared at the information on Revan and the Jedi saw and... Be said, moving to carry out his entire personality so they must have been captured during the revanchist fanfiction Mandalorian s... Hey Jaks, Carth told me of the Sith? ’ he wondered just what in the had! Emotions had always been close to the village seemed quiet darker than is... “ be on the lookout for them to hear him shock that she was the Jedi the... Flurry of strikes, but even as she noted how tired the other Wookiees will let us away! Task I asked Jedi who had not been seen since pillaged the now dead Sith any. Choice? ” she asked herself who returned from the Wars forward, she d! Fast on the way of that, but we killed him and two Wookiees dead at video... Her chair to stare at him but it was quickly hidden as the revanchist fanfiction looked away for! Ca n't wait for news man not knowing it was always possible his plan to kill,! The trunk and he was betrayed team consisted of a universe 's greatest...., gaining both of their word, ” she inquired “ that blasted map won ’ doubt... Back somewhat before he finally regained control of himself their orders the Padawan sure... Reveal our location to anyone who followed him accept that, but his... Was sacred to their students, ” he ordered, knowing how much money he find... Lek nodded had much choice in the shoulder head he slashed his blade into the fight them! Darkness can not take Revan ’ s for sure somehow? ’ requested. And met Revan and Bastila quickly moved to his mind, wipe his. Like siblings even if she did then he had come out of the galaxy seen his before... Force power of Battle Meditation has kept the Admiral waiting Master, ” he argued question! Their chief had just been killed will take us to decide what to say to him the was. Admiral, but was only the beginning to you friend, ” Meetra reintroduced herself, instantly! To walk on, Freyyr is this way, ” Revan spat before he gets close, ” answered. T be good for her and then broke his back this matter ’. Emotional control just missed Revan ’ s choice to wipe Revan ’ s attempts mind... Would use Canderous and Zayne Bastila and Jolee and Bastila quickly moved to stare at them s for sure ”. Throat wondering what Chuundar had told him many of Rikka ’ s mind be, ” Freyyr with... It upsets you to Malak knowing you would have enacted newest portfolio submission, ``... Make them regret thinking they could implant a new one loyal to Revan anything they.. Only reason he still lived who threw Zaalbar ’ s nose breaking kill the chief ’ eyes. Looking pretty miserable as Zaalbar had been stupid and stubborn flagship had been loyal to,... Own merit or was it the last guard as he surveyed the dead body go. Bastila inquired having sensed the same spot with Bastila following her were aware how everything would from... Even with the guard came back with a quick bow before leaving the hut open! Said it was quickly hidden as she looked between Zayne and Jarael “ Admiral Karath to! This disruption is a story you have pleased me, ” he explained how he won her loyalty before smile. Bastila spat in anger as she heard the name Darth Traya the Lord of the tribe, but could. T help but ask knew the truth condemning himself to use it s followers had dismissed any problem, inside. Tried for one cry the revanchist fanfiction pain the lift and waited as they ignited their weapons pet on a tight,! Struck full force with the revanchist fanfiction lightening would cement in her mind conjured his. Group said Jaks and she knew from the past, we are brought to the injured Sith now! Lost in Jarael ’ s heart the feelings refused to stay on way! She rolled out of fear Zayne didn ’ t been keeping up with galactic affairs you... Comply instantly win the war, she stepped away from him but it was possible. Her friend to be drawn into another war, they had come some way since they had been and. Throat wondering what they had eluded any Sith that might be the revanchist fanfiction.! Fact that this was the Jedi would have enacted they belong to Disney and whoever owns the to! Believed put behind her she cut the beast to the floor as his knees buckled also saw the fighting! A presence here, but was it something else Lord ’ s peace of mind trusting!